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Consultation Committee

The members of the Consultation Committee meet to discuss current topics related to curriculum and instruction (e.g., assessments, instructional materials, professional development). The group proactively researches, recommends, and guides implementation of key curriculum and instruction initiatives and discusses questions/concerns from teachers and directives from administration with a focus on problem-solving. The committee provides ongoing communication to stakeholders about its progress and collaborates with other committees as it seeks to make recommendations and implement initiatives in the best interests of students. Communications will go out to stakeholders at the beginning of each decision cycle (after first meeting of the year) that identifies the role, issues, membership, and process of the committee with anticipated points for input by the larger organization. Input can come in multiple ways (e.g., focus groups, surveys, etc.).


2021-2022 Members

Pamela Reichert-Montiel, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Leadership

Susy Chavez, Director, Learning & Innovation 

Alejandra Nuno, Teacher, Mendoza School

Kelly Sullivan, Teacher, Mendoza School

Monica Hueso-Melgar, Education Specialist, Emory Academy

Danitza Nieblas, Teacher, Nicoloff School

Noemi Salcedo, Teacher, Imperial Beach Charter

Lisa Celaya, Coordinator, Learning and Innovation

Michelle Syverson, Coordinator, Learning and Innovation

Paola Flores, Principal, Central Elementary