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Superintendent's Message

Dear South Bay Community,
When I started in January 2022, we launched a process to Reflect on our work and the systems we use to do our work. We asked school and department leaders to share the process with staff and solicit feedback on a simple question, “How do we do our work?” For example, how does Transportation ensure the safety of students? How do teachers ensure that students are meeting grade-level standards? We hope to answer the question, “Are our current practices getting us the results we want?” 
This school year, we have been focused on the Redefine stage of the cycle. We have been identifying how we define success for our students, staff and in every department and school. Part of this process included the development of new Mission and Vision statements and a set of Values, which were adopted by the Board in December. 
South Bay Union School District, in partnership with our community, educates and empowers students to develop a love of learning by providing safe, equitable environments that celebrate diversity and affirm language, culture, and identity by promoting excellence, social responsibility and well-being.
South Bay Union School District is the foundation for the community in which students grow academically and socially into responsible members of society.

Academic Achievement – Child Centered – Community – Equity
High Expectations – Leadership – Safety
In the 2024-2025 school year, we will identify ways to Rebuild our systems to ensure success for all educational partners and the community we serve. We will rely on our Mission, Vision, and Values to guide this work.
Thank you for your support and dedication as we continue to make South Bay Union School District the best place to learn, teach, and work!
Jose Espinoza