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Professional Development

Educational Leadership is here to support staff and students. Please click HERE for a list of Professional Developments being offered each month for the 2022-23 school year. 

Optional Available Webinars
Special Education Distance Learning Resources - curated by San Diego COE SELPA
Distance Learning for Students with Specific Disabilities curated by SDCOE Professional Learning Dept
Guidance on COVID-19 School Closures Webinar - CA Dept of Education March 18, 2020
Considerations for Moderate-Severe – curated by SDCOE SELPA
PrAACtical Resources: Online AAC Support for Families During School Closures - Alternative and Augmentative Communication Resources curated by PrAACtical AAC
Kids stories in ASL – The Sign Language Channel
Unique Learning Systems packets covering pre-school through Adult Transition – curated by Santa Ana Unified School District Special Education/SELPA