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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support:
The South Bay Union School District provides mental health supports to students through district resources as well as collaboration with community agencies.
School Psychologists:
  • The district employs credentialed School Psychologists who are trained to assess student's needs through a suicide risk assessment or threat assessment, if the student is displaying behavior that is dangerous to themselves or others. 
  • School Psychologists may refer families to behavioral health services providers (such as Access and Crisis Line and the PERT Team), when a student demonstrates a level of risk. 
  • School Psychologists may provide individual or group counseling based on student's needs indicated in the SST or IEP Process.
  • School Psychologists may refer students to an outside agency with whom the district contracts with for referral services such as South Bay Community Services and Family Forces (specifically for military families). Both agencies can be accessed through school referrals and may provide individual and family counseling. 
  • For students receiving special education services, the School Psychologists may assess and implement Educationally Related Mental Health Services for students who demonstrate a need for mental health supports. 
Social Workers:
The District employs one PreK-8th District Educational Social Worker and three Educational Social Workers, who work collaboratively to provide services to students and families, including in-person support at the home, school site, or Reachout to Families Center, and providing resources for hardships a student or family may be facing. Providing support for families through issues including, but not limited to, attendance, parenting, housing instability, food insecurity, clothing needs, immigration, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, divorce, foster care, guardianship, adoption, and grief and loss. Social Workers help families in an effort to provide increased stability for students and connection to community, better enabling them to reach their full academic potential. 
Reachout To Families Center:
The Reachout to Families Center serves all students and families of the District, housing three Social Workers and the Community Activities Coordinator, to provide support and resources. A Social Worker is available onsite Monday through Friday from 8 am until 3 pm, excluding school holidays and breaks. (Should we add LiveWell mobile unit info? SBCS info?) The Reachout to Families Center is located at 1237 Elder Avenue, Imperial Beach, CA. 91932.
School Counselors:
Our district employs 8 certificated School Counselors that supports students at their respective site(s) with individual guidance, social groups, academic and career guidance, and social/emotional regulation.  Five of our counselors support two sites each, while two of our counselors serve our TK-8 sites (one counselor at each site) full-time.
Community Agency Mental Health Supports:
  • South Bay Community Services (SBCS) 
    • Offers a comprehensive range of services and programs for students who have Medi-Cal.
    • Contact information: (619) 420-3620
    • Website for SBCS
  • Family Forces, Mental Health Systems
    • Family Force provides counseling services to students who are in military families.
    • Contact Information: (858) - 277-7907
    • Website for Family Forces
Board Policies and Administrative Regulations: