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The SBUSD Transportation Department is dedicated to provide safe, efficient, and respectful service. Our professional drivers are dedicated towards creating and maintaining safe driving behaviors and postive and consistent social environments that best support our students’ success. We believe the social development of our students is important. Therefore, we focus on making connections with our students so that they understand that school bus drivers are an important part of their community support system where they feel supported by a safe and predictable social environment.

The SBUSD School Bus Driver is one of the safest drivers in the Nation. Our drivers are part of a California team that has an unparalleled safety record. Simply put the more students who ride our South Bay Union School District buses, the safer our community’s children will be. There is no safer transportaton in the Nation than the California School Bus, and the SBUSD Bus Driver takes pride in being part of this California team.


ALL students must have a bus pass to ride the bus.

Please ensure your child takes their bus pass daily to and from school. Students who forget, or have lost their bus pass, may ride to school; however, they will not be allowed to ride home without a bus pass. 

If your child has lost their bus pass contact the Transportation Dept to notify that you need a replacement. Replacement cards are $5.00

Hours of Operation are: Vary