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Contractor Registration CUPCCAA



California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

Notice to Contractors


In accordance with Public Contract Code 22034, the South Bay Union School District invites all licensed contractors, who are interesting in performing public works construction projects, to register their firm for inclusion on a list of bidders for the 2021 calendar year.


The District will maintain a contractor’s list effective January 1st of each year, and will continue to add contractors as request are received.


Contractors should submit the following information: name, address, email, phone number, contractor’s license, DIR registration number and type of work interested and licensed in at Quality Bidders website, under CUPCCAA for the South Bay Union School District. 


The resulting list will be used to notify contractors of Invitation for Bids and RFP.

For additional information, call the Purchasing Office at 619-628-1636.