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ST Math

In July, 2017, South Bay Union School District incorporated into our math curriculum the digital tool ST Math, a product of the Mind Research Institute. ST Math is a visual and spatial game-based instructional tool. This neuroscience research-based software is meant to be a self-paced supplement to our existing math curriculum. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, students help Jiji, the penguin, solve puzzles as the “game” gets increasingly challenging. As ST Math is non-verbal (meaning, there are no written or oral directions), students use visual and spatial reasoning, along with productive struggle to solve the puzzles, and receive immediate feedback.  The Mind Research Institute recommends 60 minutes per week for Kindergarten and 1st grade students, and 90 minutes per week for second through eighth grade students. With blocks no less than 20 minutes, teachers are figuring out ways to schedule time in their math block for students to meet those recommendations.

Our students love Jiji, and the data shows progress in the standards because of their time on task using ST Math.

At home use: Students can access their accounts from home. Only previously viewed content is available from home. Students will only access new content at school when monitored by the classroom teacher.

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