What Digital Tools Can Students Use to Support Learning?

  • Learn about how we are keeping kids safe on the Internet


    Privacy and Compliance

    South Bay Union School District has provided a few targeted digital tools for our TK-8th grade students. These tools were selected because they are research based and allow for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration or communication. These tools are FERPA and SOPIPA compliant to protect student data privacy. 

    We use the California Student Data Privacy Alliance and rely on the agreements vendors have made with school districts to protect our students. If there is an amended agreement, or if there is no agreement, we are less likely to select that vendor. 

    Content Approval

    Digital Content will be approved using the following criteria:

    • Instructional content
    • Free from biases
    • How the company retains and/or archives data, aligned with CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA
    • How the content impacts the Technology Department beyond the current load.
    • Security of the content.
    • Accessibility for all students. 

    The process will be:

    • Teacher completes the form.
    • Approval goes to:
      • Learning and Innovation
      • Content Approval Team
      • Technology Team
    • Application/Tool/Website is approved or declined.