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    Starting on January 17, 2019, our Board of Trustees launched the process of transitioning the method by which Governing Board Members are elected.  Under the current “at large” system, Governing Board Members are elected by all registered voters in the District’s boundaries and Governing Board Members can reside anywhere in the District.  Under the new proposed system, candidates will be elected by “Trustee Areas.”  This means only voters who reside within a given Trustee Area vote for and elect a candidate who resides within that same Trustee Area.  The intent of this proposed system is to offer greater opportunities for Board representation for candidates that might not otherwise be elected under an at-large system.  Transitioning to this new system will also ensure that the District does not face expensive litigation under the California Voting Rights Act.


    All documents, including maps, related to this process will be available on this webpage.  


    Draft maps and relevant demographic information:


    Press Release regarding Map Adoption


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