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Extended Learning Program

The Extended Learning Program is provided through ASES grant funding and a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Imperial Beach. Enrichment and connections for students beyond the regular school day are the primary goals of the Extended Learning Program.

Program staff are working closely with the San Diego County Office of Education to ensure services are designed to support the new demands that will be placed on schools and families when in-person instruction resumes on July 26, 2021. 


Before and After School Program Interest Form Links - Initial deadline June 11, 2021. Applications were accepted after the deadline, however space is limited due to staffing. All applications received by July 14, 2021 have been processed. No other applications will be accepted until August 9, 2021 when additional space is determined. The Extended Learning Program is currently full.

After an interest form is submitted, and if there is space, an application link will be sent via email. Please note this will not occur until after August 9, 2021.There are no paper applications, as enrollment is in collaboration with the San Diego County Office of Education. If you have not heard back regarding your application status after five (5) full business days after submission (after interest forms are processed on August 9) please call 619-424-2266, ex.106.


Bayside - Bayside Interest Form

Berry - Berry Interest Form

Central - Central Interest Form

Emory - Emory Interest Form

Imperial Beach Charter - IBCS Interest Form

Mendoza - Mendoza Interest Form

Nestor - Nestor Interest Form

Nicoloff - Nicoloff Interest Form

Oneonta - Oneonta Interest Form

Pence - Pence Interest Form

Sunnyslope - Sunnyslope Interest Form


2018-2019 Continuous Quality Improvement Process

The Extended Learning Program, in collaboration with the San Diego County Office of Education, participates in a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Process each year. This process includes surveying staff, students, parents, as well as site level administrators. Data collected is used to create specific improvement goals for each program site.  
Below are the results of the 2018-2019 surveys, which informed the improvement goals for the 2019-2020 school year. For additional information, please reach out to the Extended Learning Program staff at the site level, or the Director of Student Support and Accountability.
2018-2019 CQI Survey Results