• The Extended Learning Program is provided through ASES grant funding and a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Imperial Beach. Enrichment and connections for students beyond the regular school day are the primary goals of the Extended Learning Program.


    Given the recent school closures, and guidelines issued for reopening, the Extended Learning Program will look different for the 2020-2021 school year. Programs will not be in-person until schools re-open in January 2021, or later, depending on local health conditions.


    Program staff are working closely with the San Diego County Office of Education to ensure services are designed to support the new demands that will be placed on schools and families when in-person instruction resumes. Until that time, the Extended Learning Program will be providing Distance Enrichment and Connections for all students, District-wide.


    Below are site specific links for families to indicate their interest in the Extending Learning Program (specifically the after school program) for the 2020-2021 school year. Once interest is collected, families will receive information for online registration for when we are able to return to an in-person program. 

    PLEASE NOTE that we are asking that all interested families complete the information, even if you re-enrolled at your school site prior to school closures. We recognize that many families' circumstances and needs have changed since March, and wish to collect the most accurate information possible for when we are able to reopen an in-person program.

    Summer Enrichment and Connections can be found on the Boys and Girls Club webpage and/or the Boys and Girls Club YouTube channel. This YouTube channel will resume with NEW enrichment and connection activities beginning Augsut 31, 2020.


    After School Program Interest Form Links - PLEASE complete by Friday, August 7, 2020.

    Bayside - Bayside Interest Form

    Berry - Berry Interest Form

    Central - Central Interest Form

    Emory - Emory Interest Form

    Imperial Beach Charter - IBCS Interest Form

    Mendoza - Mendoza Interest Form

    Nestor - Nestor Interest Form

    Nicoloff - Nicoloff Interest Form

    Oneonta - Oneonta Interest Form

    Pence - Pence Interest Form

    Sunnyslope - Sunnyslope Interest Form



  • Please complete After School Program Interest Forms by Wednesday, July 8, 2020


    We are requesting that ALL interested families complete the interest form, even if you re-registered in March, prior to school closures.