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    Understanding the CAASPP Score Report

    Watch a brief video explaining how to read the Student Score report parents will receive in September 2015. 

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    Here are links to Parent Guides for 3-5 grade  for Parent Guides 6-8 grade with sample questions and descriptions of tasks. 

    Test Results

    Following the spring 2015 testing, families will be sent individual score reports and will include an overall score, a description of the student’s achievement level for English–language arts and mathematics, and other information. It is important to note that these scores cannot be compared to scores that your child previously received on the STAR Program tests because this test is based on the new Common Core State Standards, involves different types of test questions, and will not be reported using the STAR Program reporting categories.

    Here's what parents can expect from the Score Report:

    Score Report P1.png 

    Score Report P2.png

    A New Test

    Students in 3rd through 8th grade will take the Smarter Balanced test. This test is made up of three parts- online math, online English language arts, and a classroom activity performance task. The test is untimed but will generally take about 7 total hours over several days. (The former CST took about the same amount of time.) These assessments are aligned with our new Common Core State Standards, which were designed to encourage critical thinking, analytical writing, and real-world problem solving. These are skills students will need to be successful in school and in life.

    Question types vary from constructed written response, multiple choice, highlighting passages, drawing, drag and drop, non-traditional multiple choice (multiple correct answers) and multi-part. Here is an example from the 3rd grade Practice Test:

    3rd grade Math SBAC practice question

    If you would like more information about Smarter Balanced, please visit the Smarter Balanced website athttp://www.smarterbalanced.org/ including sample practice tests for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.