• PTA Structure

    PTA at a School is a Unit with at least a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  More officers mean more support for the business of the unit.  They plan, organize and fundraise to help with student activities.  Meetings vary-consult your school.

    The District level is Council and has a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Again, more officers mean more support for planning and activities.  They are in charge of getting information to units and provide support to the units.  Our Council also tries to work with the District to provide an activity districtwide for students to participate in.  Meetings are 4 times a year.

    Our association is Ninth District.  Ninth District provides information about legislation PTA is involved in, topics that help students in a variety of ways, provide supplies for PTA to function, form PTAs in schools that don't have one, and is a source of support for PTAs and parents.  Meetings are monthly.

    California PTA is our state governing body.  They provide online support for PTA management.  Their website contains many useful tips for parents as well.

    National PTA is the nationwide organization based in Washington DC.  They also have resources online for PTAs.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcPILnN9TJk http-//www-youtube.com/v/ZcPILnN9