• Bus Pass FAQ


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    ALL Bus Riders (General Ed and those with an IEP) will be required to have a SCHOOL BUS PASS for the current School Year. This requirement is for all grade levels from K to 6th grade. Only ELIGIBLE students can apply. Grades 7 & 8 do not qualify for transportation.

    NOTE:VIP and other PRE-SCHOOL students do NOT need a bus pass. Continue to use the "YELLOW" card Pre-School gave to you and a Photo ID to retrieve your students from the bus.

    When Can I Get the Bus Pass?


    • JULY ONLY: 8am-10am and 12pm-3pm

    • August - June: 2:30pm - 5:00pm

    What is NEW with the  Bus Pass Program? 

    We are very excited to announce we have added a barcode to the bus passes. The barcode allows electronic tracking of students when they get on the bus and off the bus. With the barcode system transportation can view students who scanned on and off the bus, location, and timeliness of the bus.  

    Why did Transportation begin a Bus Pass Program?

    The Transportation department strives to keep an accurate accounting of all students that ride the bus to and from school. Initiating a school bus pas program is the first step in ensuring only those students that are eligible for transporation are using the school buses. 

    In addition, a bus pass program gives the driver more information about what school and school bus stop students attend and use, and grade levels to help identify your younger students. 

    What Group of Students are Required to Have a Bus Pass?

    ALL bus riders are required to have a bus pass. All grade levels Kindergarten through sixth must have a bus pass to get on the bus. Students participating in programs or overflowed to another school must also  have a bus pass. Students with an IEP are also required to have a bus bus pass. 

    Will Transportation Send Information Home?

    Yes, Transportation handed out flyers to all students going home the last two weeks of school in June 2018. Transportation will send out additional flyers after school begins for those that "missed" the chance to get the bus passes in the summer.

    In addition, all documents are available for download on our web page.

    How do you apply for a bus pass?

    1) Check your address to see if your student(s) qualify for transportaiton. If your address and student grade(s) are listed on the School Bus Stop list for your school, your student qualifies. Use the links to the left to find your address/bus stop by school of attendance.

    2) Fill out the application.

    3) Bring the application to the Transportation Department during the hours listed below to obtain the bus pass. Transportation will take a photo of the student for the bus pass.

    NOTE: All special needs with a "TRANSPORTATION" IEP automatically qualify, however we still require the bus bus pass application and card.

    What if my younger child qualifies for a bus pass, but the older ones do not?

    An older brother or sister may apply for an EXCEPTION bus pass. On the form, check the box "Exception" and provide a valid reason, such as, "Younger sister is eligible." Bring the application and student(s) to the Transportation office to obtain the bus pass.

    My son or daughter does not qualify, how can we apply?

    Visit the Transportation Department and fill out the form for an "exception" to ride the bus. Exception requests will be reviewed for eligibility in mid September, after all eligible riders have been processed. We want to make sure there is room on the bus(es) before granting non-eligible riders. Keep in mind, good behavior is essential to keep the priveledge of riding the school bus. If the bus becomes full, those riders on an "exception" will be advised

    What happens if my child loses the bus pass?

    The student will be allowed to ride TO school (as long as they are current riders) for two days only. However, parent/guardian must get a replacement bus pass within two days. Simply call the Transportation office to arrange for a replacment bus pass. The replacement fee is: $5.00. If you call ahead, we can have the pass waiting for you if possible.

    Can I buy a replacement pass now?

    Yes, if you want to pre-purchase a replacement bus pass, you may do that at the time of applicaiton. However, please do not misuse the bus pass or allow others to use it. Bus passes will be revoked if students and/or parents/guardians allow others to use their pass.

    I will be on vacation during the Summer Bus Pass Dates & Hours - how can my child get a bus pass?

    Upon your return, contact the Transportation Department at 619-628-3586 to set up an appointment to get the bus pass at the start of the school year.



    Updated 6/28/2017