ThinkCentral K-6 is the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Web site that allows you to access digital materials associated with HSP Math, our adopted math program. This site provides teachers and students access to digital resources, including teacher guides, student eBooks, assessments, and reports.


 The Teacher’s Desktop is comprised of clickable icons:

  • Start Here / View Resources displays all available curriculum materials.

 • Getting Started shows you how to begin using ThinkCentral.

 • Planning launches your customizable lesson planner.

 • Classes and Students allows you to create and modify rosters.

 • Assignments shows a list of assignments, and allows you to track student progress.

 • Reports displays lists of exportable reports on students or classes.

 • Account lets you update your user or product information.


Using the Electronic Teacher’s Edition

 The Electronic Teacher’s Edition, or ETE, is a very important tool. The ETE is the equivalent of the printed Teacher’s Edition for an HMH program, but the ETE also  contains links to supplementary materials.  The ETE chapter planner is a critical component of the teacher’s experience in ThinkCentral K-6, as it contains links to many resources.


  There are several ways to review HMH digital content. The first is View Resources. Simply click on any item in the list that appears on that page. Unless it is an assessment or other special item, the material displays in its own window. Another way to explore HMH content is through Search. You may do so by selecting Search from the left panel on either the View Resources page or the Planning page. Program materials that are available through Search include teacher editions, student editions, assessments, ancillaries, leveled readers, worksheets, and more. You can search resources, standards, or online readers.


 Searching Standards

 To search for all standards-based materials, click the Standards tab, and then:

 1. In the Search Type box, select Browse Standards Sets.

 2. Select a standard set from the Select Standard Set dropdown list.

 3. Select a subject from the Subject dropdown list.

 4. Select a grade from the Grade dropdown list.

 5. Select up to 5 Resources from the Resources list box.     

 6. Click Browse.


Student Access

 Teachers can provide students with access to the ThinkCentral Library. The Library is the place where the student can find online books, movies, sound files, worksheets, and more. The student’s list of resources is controlled by the settings for the class(es) the student belongs to.  The My Test Scores screen shows students all of the scores they have received, and the Things To Do list is where students see any assignments teachers have made for them, including old ones.


 Creating a Teacher Account

 To access ThinkCentral:

 1. Navigate to the ThinkCentral URL. You may want to bookmark the login page.

 2. Select your state, district, and school.

 3. You may elect to check Remember My Organization. This will make subsequent logins easier.

 4. Enter your user name and password.

 5. Click Login.


Note: Please contact Educational Services if you have not received your user name and password.



Last Modified on August 21, 2013