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Syllabication Pages for each story- by DTalbott



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Many more resources are available from the following groups: 2nd Grade Teachers' Club (lots of ideas across the curriculum, including HM) HM Sharing Second Grade (join and you will have access to files I am unable to post, including: story tests, vocabulary picture cards, story quests, etc..) HM Sharing Second Grade2 (more files, since we outgrew the file limit on the first group) Join both for access to all files.



Dragon Gets By

LISTEN to Dragon Gets By

Reading Homework: Story Elements

Vocabulary Word Game

Making Words - Short A and Short I

Online Word Sort for short A and I

Vocabulary and Spelling Resources

Short A and Short I Sound Sort

Skill: Parts of a Sentence PPT

DavPilkey Website

Teaching Your Students about Nutrition

New Food Pyramid 


LISTEN to Julius

Vocabulary Word Game

Making Words - Short O

Making Words - Short E

Making Words- Short U

Online Word Sort for short 0, U and E

Vocab, spell and test resources

Short O, E and U Sound Sort

Julius Website page by illustrator DavPilkey


Mrs. Brown Went to Town

LISTEN to Mrs. Brown...

Vocabulary Word Game

Making Words - Long A

Online Word Sort for Long A and I

Mrs. Caro's Verb PPT

Farm Animals Around the World

Henry and Mudge

Long O Making Words

Vocabulary Word Game

Nature WalkTheme Opener

Online Word Sort for Long E, O and U

Story Resources

Long E / Short E Picture Sort

Long O / Short O Picture Sort

Compound Word PPT

Compound Word Boogie by RoseAnnePatenaude

Cause and Effect PPT by Dianna Burke

Reader's Theatre

A letter from Cynthia Rylant

Camping in the Classroom

Campfire Songs

Ranger Dockett

Vocabulary Word Game

Online Word Sorts for Consonant Clusters

Online Words Sort for Two Sounds for C

Story Resources

Vocabulary Cards

Fact and Opinion Sort

Smokey's Kids

Around the Pond

Making Words- Double Consonants

Vocabulary Word Game

Online Word Sort for Double Consonants

Story Resources

Categorize and Classify Worksheet by Marcia Goudie

Pond Life Picture Cards

Make your own virtual pond!



Making Words - Diagraphs

Online Word Sort for Diagraphs

Story Resources

Vocabulary Picture Cards

Diagraph Resources from Carl's Corner website


A Trip to the Firehouse

Five Listeners - AY, AI

Online Word Sort for ai, ay

Online Word Sort for Compound Words

Story Resources

Vocabulary Cards

Virtual Firehouse Tour

Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Safety Unit Ideas

Big Bushy Mustache

Online Word Sort for Suffixes

Story Resources

Reader's Theatre

Jamaica Louise James

Online Word Sort for ee, ea

Plurals Lessons, Games, and Activities

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Online Word Sort for AR words

Online Word Sort for OR, ORE

Reader's Theatre

About Peggy Rathmann

Online Resources

Safety Tips Poster lesson


Online Word Sort for -nd, -ng, -nk, -nt, -mp

Story Resources

Online Resources

The Great Ball Game

Online Word Sort for ow and oa

Story Resources

Brothers and Sisters

Jalapeño Bagels

Contraction PowerPoint

Contraction Bingo

Online Word Sort for Contractions

Reader's Theatre


Online Word Sort for Prefixes

Thunder Cake

Online Word Sort for -ed, -ing #1

Reader's Theatre

Sequence Booklet - by Mrs. A. Madden

Thunder Cake Recipe - Shared by Mrs. Madden

Patricia Polacco's Website

The Art Lesson

Online Word Sort for OO

Reader's Theatre

Make Your Own Computer Art from the Museum of Modern Art website

Moses Goes to a Concert

Online Word Sort for -igh, y, and long I

Story Resources

San Francisco Symphony for Kids

The School Mural

Making Words - School Mural

Online Word Sort for -ed,-ing #2


Reading-Writing Workshop Planner

Teaching That Makes Sense



Introducing Sound-Spelling Cards

Spelling Packet

Additional Spelling Words

Oregon Reading First Sound Drills

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Look, Say, Cover, Type, Check and

Online spelling flashcards website


Using Vocabulary Matches

Theme 1 Vocabulary Matches

Theme 2 - Vocabulary Matches

Theme 3 - Vocabulary Matches

Theme 4 - Vocabulary Matches

Theme 5 - Vocabulary Matches

Theme 6 - Vocabulary Matches

Word Analysis Form

Oregon Reading First

Word Castles Vocabulary Sheet


Teaching I Love to Read Books

Oregon Reading First

Phonics Reader's Teaching Kits

1st grade sight word booklet

Multisyllabic Words Sheet

Decoding Multisyllabic Words and More in HM

Oregon Reading First Syllable Review Sheet

Oregon Reading First

Syllable Sort

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